18/03: Science Meets Society – Communicating complex issues

Graag nodigen we u uit op de studiedag ‘Science Meets Society – Communicating complex issues’, gesponsord door het Fonds Lucien De Coninck. De studiedag gaat door op zaterdag 18 maart (10u-17u) in het Liberaal Archief, Kramersplein 23, Gent. De voertaal is Engels.

Voor meer info kan u terecht op de website: http://sciencemeetssociety.vib.be/.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor science meets societyU vindt de presentaties van de studiedag hieronder:

Science meets Literature – Kris Rutten & Ronald Soetaert

Science Communication: the Ghent university museum as a case study – Marjan Doom

Science and technology play an increasingly important role in modern society. On the other hand, anti-scientific sentiments are rising worldwide. In some cases like evolutionary theory, nuclear energy and new crop breeding technologies, scientists even meet with fierce opposition. But where do the lack of public understanding and the vilification of science find their roots? Cognitive, social and ideological biases shape and constrain how people engage with complex scientific and technological issues. Scientists in their turn tend to ignore “irrational” public concerns and sensitivities in their research and communication. As such, the gap between science and society widens.

This seminar aims at finding ways to bridge the gap. We will explore the factors that influence the public support of science, discuss how to bring across complex scientific topics to laypersons, and how scientists and science communicators can take societal concerns into account. This meeting will bring together scientists, students, journalists as well as policy makers.

‘Science meets society’ is organized by VIB and Ghent University, and sponsored by Fonds Lucien De Coninck and Liberaal Archief vzw.

Registration fee (includes lunch and coffee breaks): 10 euro per person.

Click here for online registration!

Registration is possible until March 13, 2017.

In case you would have any questions, please contact elisabeth.stes@vib.be

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